Please find below an outline of my coaching philosophy and approach to "coaching - club business" as a whole.

My coaching format could be roughly divided into five groups with a general merging between them.

Group 1.Pre Coaching/Orientation
Group 2. Beginners
Group 3.Intermediate
Group 4.Advanced
Group 5.Adult


Very Short Phase.Very Loosely Structured.Activity Based.-Gross Motor Movement Emphasis.
-Low Level Instruction.-FUN FUN FUN.
Large range of fun activities. Instruction kept to a minimum with a great deal of quickly changing physically involving tasks. Running, Jumping, Kicking, Throwing, Catching, Chasing.

Introduction to technique.-Basic Repetitive Structure.Warm Up/Activity/Instruction/Activity, Instruction Direction/Warm Down/De Briefing.30 Min Format -4-6 Students
Initial emphasis on legal, social and moral obligation, allow students to develop own sense of both. Basic technique, instruction.

Set Structure as above.Varying time span depending on lesson aim.-Stroke technique.Tactics.-Beginning of cross training. Awareness of other outside factors apart from directly tennis relates. Affecting playing, performance.More strictly disciplined, still with emphasis on moral legal and social obligations. Stretching to more physiological approach. Lesson student driven to cater to individual, hence small group (four to five).

Feeding off of pupils beyond group's capabilities.Fitness and mental training emphasis.-Related issues introduced nutrition/biology/psychology.More outsourced instruction.-More cerebral approach with students helping to plan and periodise own program. Helping to plan individuals, competitive outings with goals and self-analysis stressed. Goals, not result but performance based. (Self-recognition).

Group 5. ADULT
Very much student driven.Possibly the most difficult drawing off student's need/wants while channelling necessary physical pro actions and information into enticing format.Fitness a

FOCUS.-Holistic approach catering to the individual.
Through out contact l am looking to maintain enthusiasm and provide continuity of instruction to facilitate learning. Priorities are client safety and empowering them. Particularly encouraging junior clients to self-analysis and self-sufficiency.
I base my success not on elite performance but on enjoyment of my program coupled with ability to integrate students through their coaching experience and maintain and increase my client base.
Stability within my working life is of great importance both fiscally and to maintain some sort of job satisfaction.
I bring to my coaching a wide experience of both tennis and general working life.
Mick Young T.C.A.V, A.T.P.C.A, A.C.C, T.P.A